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What my own Lolita lifestyle is like
Wednesday, January 2, 2013,9:12 AM

I decided to complete the Lolita 52 Challenge from F Yeah Lolita. Get prepared for SUPER INTERESTING CONTENT.

What my own Lolita lifestyle is like:

I consider myself a lifestyler in the sense that Lolita fashion dominates my daily life, but that isn't to say that I drink tea every day or even that I wear it every single day (close enough).

If I'm not chatting with my friends about the latest prints or browsing tumblr for inspiration, I am probably updating Lolibrary or mixing and matching coordinates for the future. OK, so I have a life outside of it, but it definitely takes up a large chunk of my time.

I wear my Lolita wardrobe almost every day, or at least incorporate loliable items into my casual outfits. This includes work, and I will never not be grateful that my director enjoys my clothes so much. Today, my first day at work since Christmas break, I am wearing a rabbit t-shirt (Vera Wang Princess) with my yellow Gardenberries skirt (Lief), and some ivory sweater tights with two-toned canvas boots.

Same skirt, different outfit.

I tend to collect a lot of princess-like or elegant items to reflect my interest in the lolita aesthetic; my kitchen is decorated with fancy strawberries, my pajamas are covered in ribbons and other cutesy elements, and I will always buy something decorated with rhinestones or lace before I buy a plain, modern-style item. 

One of my favorite mugs.

I also co-founded and contribute to Lolibrary.org, which takes up an enormous and unknowable amount of my time. It amazes me that I still love doing it after 2.5 years of nonstop work, but there are of course a lot of advantages to it. For one, I am getting my window-shopping out of the way, and because I see so much stuff, I get a better idea of what I like and what I want to buy. I tend to stay in the know about the latest releases, and I usually have a good idea about what to pay for new and used goods. Because I feel like I am doing my part to help my fashion community, it revitalizes my passion for the culture continuously. 

Lolibrary.org's mascots

Above all else, the element that fuels my Lolita lifestyle are the friends I have made along the way. I have met so many beautiful, strong and intelligent women that I have come to respect and admire, and they have colored my life with more than the trappings of frills and ribbons. I talk with them every day, and together we dream and plan and share. They keep me going with this fashion and I love them for it!


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