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What my own Lolita lifestyle is like
Wednesday, January 2, 2013,9:12 AM

I decided to complete the Lolita 52 Challenge from F Yeah Lolita. Get prepared for SUPER INTERESTING CONTENT.

What my own Lolita lifestyle is like:

I consider myself a lifestyler in the sense that Lolita fashion dominates my daily life, but that isn't to say that I drink tea every day or even that I wear it every single day (close enough).

If I'm not chatting with my friends about the latest prints or browsing tumblr for inspiration, I am probably updating Lolibrary or mixing and matching coordinates for the future. OK, so I have a life outside of it, but it definitely takes up a large chunk of my time.

I wear my Lolita wardrobe almost every day, or at least incorporate loliable items into my casual outfits. This includes work, and I will never not be grateful that my director enjoys my clothes so much. Today, my first day at work since Christmas break, I am wearing a rabbit t-shirt (Vera Wang Princess) with my yellow Gardenberries skirt (Lief), and some ivory sweater tights with two-toned canvas boots.

Same skirt, different outfit.

I tend to collect a lot of princess-like or elegant items to reflect my interest in the lolita aesthetic; my kitchen is decorated with fancy strawberries, my pajamas are covered in ribbons and other cutesy elements, and I will always buy something decorated with rhinestones or lace before I buy a plain, modern-style item. 

One of my favorite mugs.

I also co-founded and contribute to Lolibrary.org, which takes up an enormous and unknowable amount of my time. It amazes me that I still love doing it after 2.5 years of nonstop work, but there are of course a lot of advantages to it. For one, I am getting my window-shopping out of the way, and because I see so much stuff, I get a better idea of what I like and what I want to buy. I tend to stay in the know about the latest releases, and I usually have a good idea about what to pay for new and used goods. Because I feel like I am doing my part to help my fashion community, it revitalizes my passion for the culture continuously. 

Lolibrary.org's mascots

Above all else, the element that fuels my Lolita lifestyle are the friends I have made along the way. I have met so many beautiful, strong and intelligent women that I have come to respect and admire, and they have colored my life with more than the trappings of frills and ribbons. I talk with them every day, and together we dream and plan and share. They keep me going with this fashion and I love them for it!


Thursday, October 25, 2012,1:18 PM

Wore Wonder Story to work today, complete with wig and head-eating bow. I wear lolita almost daily, and pretty casually, so even though it doesn't look it, it felt extra OTT for me.

Outfit rundown:
JSK, Head Bow, OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Belk's
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: Disney Couture

So naturally I had more surprised looks and reactions than usual, and that's fine.

One guy passed by and asked, "Why all the pink?" to which I vocally responded with "It's just clothes," while screaming within "IT'S WINE, YOU FOOL!"

I was pleased when a student worker passed by and remarked "I love your cost--I mean, I love your dress, you look so cute!" She corrected herself, bless. <3

One of my assistants asked, "Is your hair really that long?" Haaaaa I wish, but even if it were it couldn't grow like that overnight (WHY NOT, WHY THOUGH).

Nothing is more ita than being a bitch.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012,2:07 PM

Let me preface this by saying we are all guilty of saying or doing something horrible or hurtful. If you deny this, that’s like telling me you have never masturbated before. Just don’t. Admit it, and embrace it.

I know I have done and said some pretty awful things before; it’s a very easy thing to do. It’s so much easier to ignore your own problems and pick on someone else’s – it helps you forget how awful you feel about whatever your issue is. Temporarily.

I know not all but most of you have probably experienced bullying at some point in your life, from verbal abuse to physical violence, and I know we have all felt excluded at least once in our lives.

It feels horrible; it absolutely crushes your spirit and drains away your confidence. I remember years of eating lunch in the bathroom, running to the nurse’s office to wait out panic attacks, crying myself to sleep every night and “feeling sick” the next day just so I could avoid all my peers who made me miserable.

Pretty naturally, I became a toxic person. I used to be obsessed with what I hated.  I remember once being interrupted by someone who said, “All you ever do is talk about what you hate. I am sick of being around you because it just drags everyone down.” I lost the few friends I had because they told me I was “too sad.”

It took me years of therapy to reach a simple conclusion: I have total control over how I feel. We all do, and we are all responsible for making ourselves happy.

I wasn’t happy until I decided to shrug off all the negative thoughts that weighed me down, including the hateful things people did and the hateful things I thought and said.

With bullying, nobody wins. You look like an asshole, and the victim feels awful.

Yes, sometimes people enter our lives and they are so different that it surprises us. Sometimes their differences offend us, and sometimes we just disagree with their personal taste. When your criticisms surface, it’s easy to indulge; what’s sometimes harder, but ultimately more rewarding, is to struggle against your instinct to judge.

I am telling you to make an effort to put yourself in that person’s place and imagine what they feel like when they do something you don’t like. Not everyone is as blessed or privileged as you are, and regardless of how many times you’ve heard it, you need to remember your own faults before pointing out others’.

I am not here to name names or make anyone feel threatened. You know who you are, and you know exactly what you are doing. I will never hate you for it, but as long as you indulge yourself in this vicious behavior, I will always be disappointed in you.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and act like an adult. No, we can’t all get along, but we can at least try to be decent human beings. I’m no Mother Theresa but you can bet I will struggle every day to rise above the part of me that wants to prey on others’ misery. I am going to spend my life fighting to become the person I wish we all could be. 

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